Nikita Zagrebin


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Dota 2 Team

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Dota 2


stock market, windsurfing


My first proper moba game has been Dota 2 that I started out in the middle of 2013. I played a couple of matches of Dota 1 years before the 2nd one, but never really picked it up and almost every other game before that revolved around strategical thinking. What drew me the most to Dota, besides the fact that I used it as an escape from finding myself in a new unfamiliar place such as America, was the fact that it required enormous amount of team work and coordination. That, combined with how small things played a huge impact on the outcome of the game made me very attached to it. At first, I only played the game with friends, but over time, as they grew distant from it and I got much better, I started pursuing more professional gameplay which led me to the present. Now, I pursue education while striving to play at the highest level possible.