Meet the Team

Meet the Elite

Ruben S Adan@BigBadWolfMN

Marc T@K0LD X

Bill Gleason@$BILL

Roma Lebeau@Romjk3

Tyler Nawrocki@MightyLeader

Aaron Wilson@Awilso

Yossef Elsawy@Youfasa


BLACK ICE ELITE is a competition eSports team that supports gamers with expertise across select eSports games and game types, as well as those gamers with a sizable social media presence and streaming talent.


ELITE has players for the most popular racing, sports and shooter games.

ELITE intends to participate in tournaments across the nation that cater to our talent.


The ELITE Team is made up of Team Leaders who are responsible for the recruiting, building and managing their owner team. Team Leaders are considered highly talented gamers themselves, with influence to attract multiple team members.

Today, Black Ice Elite is made up of our General Team Manager, Faisal Hassan, our Team Leaders, Streamers and Brand Ambassadors.